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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Rough Birthday Party

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is one of the newest and most popular restaurants in Norman, OK. It opened May 10, 2007 and is located between Lindsey St. and Main St. off of I-35.

It is a branch of the original BJ’s Chicago Pizzeria born in Santa Ana, California that has exploded across the nation in the last ten years. Since the opening in Norman, the company has opened another store in Oklahoma City, Tampa, FL, and McAllen, Texas and five new restaurants opening by Winter 2007.

Granted a party of nine is a bit of a struggle for even the more proficient waiters, letting a table sit for fifteen minutes without drinks is unacceptable and going thirty minutes without taking any orders is outrageous. Another thirty minutes was spent biting nails to subdue hunger until the food arrived. Within ten minutes, two pizzas, three chicken pastas, two sandwiches, a bowl of soup, an order of bruchetta, and a cup of spinach and artichoke dip had been devoured, though it would take another twenty just to get paid out.

On the up side, the food is impeccable and the décor is unique. The first sight is the back wall. It is the bar and an enormous set of shelves lined with every kind of liquor imaginable with an immaculate television right in the middle. Across from the bar, floor to ceiling windows give a beautiful view of I-35 and Main St. At the base of the windows, large plush circular booths accommodate two to six guests, and at the top of the windows, four flat screen televisions are placed evenly to give every table a view of the game.

With nine guests, trying several of the items on the menu was easy, and there is no doubt that everyone could find something that meets his or her tastes. Make sure to try one of their handcrafted beers and the famous pizookie.

—Briana Johnson